May 22, 2024
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Rancid-Lib is a set of C++ template utility classes. Rancid-lib consists of the following classes:
dynarray = A simple dynamic array
stack = A linked-list based stack class
simplestack = A dynamic array based stack class
stringbuffer = A dynamic char array class
stringtokenizer = A good alternative to strtok()
simplelist = A lightweight list class.
linkedlist = A standard linked list.
Rancid-Lib is released under the GPL open-source license.
12/29/2002 - 6:00pm
Not much new with Rancid-Lib. If I happen to develop any new utility classes, I'll add them to Rancid-lib.
Since this isn't a GUI app, I'm not providing any screenshots of this project. I do however have a text log of it's output. Here is the output from a run of the BuildLib: output.txt
Take a look at the readme for usage details: readme.txt