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"Portable NameCaddy" Version 3   for Q3Arena
I will be posting the old version(2.5) soon as well, for those of you who don't have Q3DemoTEST
4/07/2000 2:35pm CST
Well, it's been quite a while since I updated this page. Nothing has changed with nameCaddy, so there's been no need to update. I've been working mainly on the main page. (rancidmeat.com) I also just took over resposibility for the QERadiant website. There is a huge amount of changes I plan to make to that site. It mainly consists of user support type things. (FAQ's, info, etc...)
11/28/1999 2:43pm CST
NEW Version!!!! I just updated name caddy to version 3. This version supports Q3DemoTEST. There was only one major change needed. id changed from using ascii char 27 to using ^ for specifying color changes. This version will only support Q3DemoTEST and above. It seems that support for the military and block fonts is not fully implemented in the new version of Q3DemoTEST. Only the normal font. (that's the characters that change color when you click the color buttons)
11/20/1999 4:34pm CST
I will be moving this site to another hosting service very soon. (with in days) Hopefully it won't mean much downtime for the everyone. The new service should be faster and more reliable than the one I'm currently using. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what's going on around here. you MAY have trouble accessing the site for a day or so when the domain is being switched over. I will leave the files on this server for a few days during that time though.
11/15/1999 6:49pm CST
Well.. id software released q3DemoTEST last night. I've been told that the specs have changed on the funnames. So, NameCaddy will have to be updated to support the new specs. (Thanks MyKroS) I will try to update it as soon as I get a copy the demo. (hopefully this weekend)
9/24/1999 6:21pm CST
It looks like the Block and Military fonts are broken in Q3test version 1.08. They appear as dots instead of the correct font. Is anyone else having this problem?
9/22/1999 5:35pm CST
Well, I decided to put the newest version on the main page instead of the temp page it was on. I have not worked on namecaddy since May. So, phase II has come out of beta. The 2.0 version will still be available.
General Info
Portable NameCaddy is a simple tool to help users create fun names for use with Quake 3 test. Since it was written in Java, any browser that supports Java 1.1or higher should work just fine. I recommend Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.5+. NameCaddy (for short), is not a "what you see is what you get" tool. It spits out the straight code. It is up to the user to figure out what to do with it. Take a look at the HowTo: section for operating system specifics. View the hisory log for the applet here: updates.txt
Funname info
Fun names are implemented by placing special characters infront of letters in the name to let q3test know that they need to be "fun-ized" . .........that sounded lame... here's an example that might help: Say your name was Dave, and you wanted your whole name in red the resulting "funname" would looklike this: "^1Dave"
Let's say you wanted the first character in red and the remaining in green the funname would look like this:"^1D^2ave" Keep all that in mind when using NameCaddy. It might help you understand what NameCaddy is displaying.
  • Always end your name in white. example: "^2Cheese^7" Any text that follows your name will be shown in the last color chosen. So, white is a good standard to use.
  • There are three fonts, normal, block, and military.
  • Only the block and military font have click support.
  • You type in the textfield to use the normal font, since they are just ordinary letters.
  • If you want your name in color, you must use the normal font, since the other two fonts don't support color in Q3test.
How To:
1. make name using NameCaddy
2. highlight the name, and press "<ctrl> c", this copies the selection to the system clipboard.
3. locate and open your q3config.cfg file, located in your q3test/demoq3 folder.
    (use wordpad, not notepad to edit the file)
4. find the ' seta name "whatever" ' entry.
5. replace the "whatever" with the funname by highlighting it and pressing "<shift> <insert>"
    (control-v works for pasting too)
    this pastes the contents of the clipboard to the textfile.
    the entry should look something like this: seta name "^2Cheese"
6. save the file. (in wordpad select 'text document' when prompted)
same steps, the clipboard is not constant in Linux from system to system. In KDE using Netscape you can highlight the text, then click >edit>copy, then open up Netscape composer and use it to edit your config file. You can click edit>paste to paste the contents of Netscape's clipboard. This solution "should" work on all platforms. I have not tried it though. Composer may try to add extra characters to the file. This will screw things up. If someone tries this, please let me know how it goes.
Clipboard use solutions sent in from users:
  • Solution one sent in by Jeff Burkholder (thanks, Jeff) Check out his Q3 server (
  • Solution two sent in by MOEMAN (thanks, MOE)
same steps, GRIMREAPER informs me that you use command-c to copy and command-v to paste. Simpletext is the text editor you would want to use. (thanks grim)
  • You will want to look for MacQuake3Parms.txt instead of q3config.cfg. ( thanks cArNaGe{PoW} )
If anyone knows how to copy and paste on the other platforms, or if there are any errors with the statments above, drop me a line.
GameSpy Users
GameSpy has it's own config file with your name in it. You must set the fun name there as well. GameSpy sets the name when it starts Q3test, so it ignores the one in q3config.cfg. If anyone wants to write a tutorial on how to use fun names with GameSpy, that would be cool. (let me know) everyone that helps out, gets full credit for their work. I'll even put in a plug for your server if you have one. (right fish?) <grin>
here's one solution:
  • - Download this file: q3.bat and put it in your q3test folder (where q3test.exe is)
  • - Start Gspy and go to 'Games and filters' in the Gamespy menu.
  • - Go to the Q3test options and click 'Command line'
  • - Replace 'q3test.exe' by 'q3.bat' and click Ok
  • From now on, whenever you join a server using Gspy, your colored FunName will be used!
This was taken from the BorderField site, and sent in by Gimik. Your gonna get credit whether you want it or not.. <ha!>
  • Solution two: (click here) sent in by F-10. (thanks)
About / Contact
This page was built using an html text editor I wrote in Java many months ago. (6 or more) It's very rough, but it beats notepad.
So where did the name come from? Well that's a good question. The "portable" part comes from the fact that it's a Java app and is designed to run on any system that is Java capable. The "name" part needs no explaination. The "caddy" part popped in my mind because somehow I thought about the "muddy mudskipper cereal bowl caddy" and it sort of fit in since a caddy is a helper. So there you go. (muddy is a character on Nickelodeon's Ren & Stimpy cartoon)
If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, e-mail me at: dave@rancidmeat.com
here are a few other Fun name tools for Q3Arena (Q3test currently) (Win32 only, I believe)
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