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Email Issues -8:49am PST 10/22/2004
It appears that Rancidmeat's email is being attacked by someone out there. As a result I'm unable to receive email currently until we resolve the issue. So, if you sent me email within the past few days and I've not responded, that's why.
MobEnforcer GOLD! -11:48am PST 5/24/2004
We've shipped MobEnforcer PC. This is a project I've been working on at work since December. MobEnforcer is a value title for the PC. Our team is composed of experienced developers that have worked on titles such as Sanity, AVP2, NOLF/NOLF2, and Tron 2.0, as well as the Lithtech/Jupiter engine. One of the artists on the project created a portfolio page for it. Check it out: http://www.twistedframe.com/MobEnfgallery.htm
Happy Birthday Duke3d Source Code! -1:22am PST 4/1/2004
Happy Birthday Duke3d source code! It was one year ago today that 3drealms released the source code to Duke3d. A year later and Duke is totally playable on Win32, with networking. Thanks 3drealms!.
Duke3d_W32 Update -1:22am PST 4/1/2004
Build 19 is out. This adds ogg/.mod/.wav/.mp3 music playback, a performance increase, a new 2 player (more)stable network mode, and several bug fixes. Go check out the Duke3d_w32 page for more info.
Evil Avatar links Duke3d_w32 -6:01pm PST 11/25/2003
Today several folks informed me that Duke3d_w32 was featured on the Evil Avatar game news site. That's pretty cool. If you're interested, here's the link: EvilAvatar...
New Project: CaddyVM -7:38pm PST 9/01/2003
As most projects start, the idea has been floating around in my head for a while. Back in college, I had the chance to work with an Intel 8085 project board. We created an interface board, and were supposed connect some motors to the board and make them turn etc.. With the hardware in place, we were tasked with writing the code to drive it. The 8085 is a great learning CPU, which is why colleges like to use them. What I found most interesting was that the interface to program these things was an input pad that would allow you to type machine code to memory addresses in Hex. This meant that you had to form the opcodes yourself based on what the input parameters were for the operation you wanted to perform. I can't think of a better way to learn microprocessors. Lately, my interest in assembly language and compilers has been heightened. Being a semi-seasoned programmer who wants to further his knowledge, I figured the best way to get a more intimate knowledge of how these systems work, is to create one from scratch. I've based my learning system off of the work I did with the 8085 board. My goal is to create a system that both I, and others can use to learn more, without needing to own the expensive prototype boards, or lab space. If it interests you, go check it out on the projects page.
Stuff -10:40pm PST 8/23/2003
So, Quakecon was a blast. I got to hang out with some cool folks. pics I mainly went as a programming retreat and to hang out with my buddy Tim. Doom3 looks great. I only have one word. "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" Good stuff.
I picked up a copy of Masters of Doom this week. Wow. What an interesting and inspiring book. If you're a programmer, and like hearing "tales from the trenches", you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy.
Japan trip pics are up -5:56pm PST 7/26/2003
Those of you who read my .plan know that I went to Japan on business earlier in the month. I've posted a few pics from the trip. Most of the pic were taken on the way to meetings. I need to get the pics that one of my co-workers took as well. I think he got a few better shots than me. The overcast weather reminds me all too much of Seattle. (though not recently) There's even a shot of me in there. I'm the one with a laptop backpack strapped to my back. Our interpreter took the pic. I share an office with the other monkey in the picture.
CaddyHTTP 1.0 Released -6:07pm PST 5/31/2003
CaddyHTTP is a small HTTP server written in 100% Java. I originally wrote this so that I could integrate it into several other connectivity projects I work on from time to time for fun. CaddyHTTP is not meant for heavy stress servers. It is designed for small applications where you might have a small group of co-workers connecting to the system at once.

Take a look at a couple screenshots: caddyhttp.png and caddyhttp2.png You can grab it here: CaddyHTTP.zip Or check out the readme first
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