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Realmlands -January 14, 2002 10:51pm CST -6:00 GMT
Well, I've not really been doing a great deal of visible work on Realm for quite some time. I've not given up on it. I'm always thinking about different technology avaiable that will allow my vision for realm to become a reality. My latest project is Realmlands, which is an AI research project. I've not done much AI work, but I have many ideas that are great in theory, but that I need to test out. I also looked at much information on vertex and pixel shaders. This is a great advance. I look forward to what this new functionallity can provide. You can download the current version of Realmlands Here... There are no real instructions. You run the Java app, and click "world->new world" then once the map is created you click "simulation->start". I'll assume you know how to run a java app. If not, feel free to email me. I may post instructions later. The current problem with Realmlands is that it redraws the simulation canvas too much which w\eats up a huge chunk of cpu power. This can be optimised, I have not had the time to do so. You are free to do whatever you want with the current version. (though I doubt anyone will want to do anything with it)
Wow... -December 2, 2000 9:13am CST -6:00 GMT
I can't believe it almost been a year since I updated this page. My job has take quite a bit of my time. I have not been working much if any on Realm. I am eventually going to finish it. I just don't have the time right now. And since my job IS making games, perhaps Realm will end up being one of the games we produce. Not sure if I want to do that though, since it is "my baby". I may just end up releasing with source code I do have as GPL. Not sure though.. The code is REALLY ugly and sloppy. I don't know if I want people looking at that.. _grin_
Realm's "Future" Re-visited -January 14, 2000 11:47am CST -6:00 GMT
Well, I've had another revelation. Here is the current plan for the Realm engine. I am going to finish the top-down view engine. The isometric engine I am working on will be used later to make the Realm engine version 2.0.(maybe) The main reasons I want to make the first Realm using the old technology are:
  • Realm was never meant to be graphically superior.
  • Realm's core is original in the sense that, I wrote the first concept engine without any idea of how others wrote games of this type.
  • I will be able to spend more time making sure that I stay on track of Realm's vision, and not on developing technologies that I'm unfamiliar with.
  • I just flat out like it, and since I'm writing it, that's all that matters.
I still plan to implement most, if not all, of the game features that were going to be put into the isometric engine.
More on Realm's "Future" -January 12, 2000 9:37pm CST -6:00 GMT
Future is the key term. Originally Realm was going to have a medieval theme. I do still intend to make a game of that nature someday. Realm will most likely become a "system" more so than a particular game. I have most of that already worked out. The current plan is to make a shadowrunish world using an isometric view. It will be like shadowrun in the following ways: cyberware, high-tech weapons, that's about it. I plan on implementing a magic system as well. There are a lot of original ideas I want to put into this game. We'll see what happens.
New Design -January 12, 2000 9:38am CST -6:00 GMT
I am working on a new design for the Realm pages, to complement the changes made to the main page. I will most likely be releasing old Realm code to the public. I need to do a little clean up work on the code first. So, maybe over the coarse of a week or so I should get all of it finished. We'll see. If I seem to be slacking off, feel free to e-mail me and say, "hey, where's that code bub?". I will, most likely, add a page for the game I'm currently toying with. Realm, as it was, is effectively dead at this point. I'm applying the things I learned while working on realm to my new project. After I finish the project I'm working on, I plan to go back and modify the code to create the "Realm" I was intending to create from the start. For now I'm going to continue to refer to my current project as "Realm".
Spriteview re-uploaded -January 4, 2000 12:05pm CST -6:00 GMT
I re-uploaded spriteview. It was a tar.gz file. The compression was messing up in Winzip, and not allowing proper extraction of the program and files. I will be doing this for the other files as well.
Recent Development Progress
Last Updated 3/11/2000 at 12:43:58 EST - 5:00 GMT
  • Create Entity System.
  • Create Event System.
  • Create Object System.
Recent things:
  • Created fast update cgi
  • Switched back to using JDK1.1.7_v3 for linux.
spriteview1.0.tar (~40k)
colortest1.0.tar (~105k)
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